Logo Design

reflogo.pngExplanation of the logo design

The branching tree design of this logo represents humanity with a common root and trunk. The diverging branches reflect differences between groups of people due to their unique cultures and histories. The coloured spheres represent meeting places, like schools, where people from different cultures can learn from each other and contribute to their collective wellbeing. The green background represents fertile settings in which learning and growth are nurtured.

Logo designed by Sha Shawari

Sha Sarwari is a multidisciplinary visual artist, who came to Australia by boat as a refugee from Afghanistan. Sha holds a diploma of Graphic Design (2005) and a Bachelor of Fine Art from the QCA Griffith University (2015) and is currently doing his honours degree in visual arts at VCA Melbourne University.  His recent exhibition in Victoria ‘Alien Nations’, highlighted the issue of refugees and asylum seekers around the world.